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We represent HOPE lingerie and DE CHELLES Lingerie in Japanese territory.
BRANDS: HOPE Lingerie and DE CHELLES Lingerie.
HOPESHOP.JP is run by HOPE Company Limited, the official representative of HOPE Lingerie / DE CHELLES Lingerie
 E-MAIL: talk@hopeshop.jp

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HOPESHOP.JP is an online store where you can buy the Latin America NO.1 lovable innerwear, HOPE Lingerie and DE CHELLES Lingerie, all imported by HOPE Company Limited. We do the effort to bring our customers products “all women will love at the first touch”. All products are very colorful and unique, very Brazilian. The sexiness and luxuriousness of each item will for sure capture the heart of all sophisticated and independent women.

About HOPE LINGERIE brand:
Founded in 1966, in São Paulo, Brazi;
The first lingerie  brand to introduce fabrics  such as   mercerized cotton and microfiber in its product lines, besides launching   hits as Nude  (  Line of Products  that dont show under the clothes ),  and the Space Bra (not deforming Cup Bra);
Standing  investments in  innovation, developing  new  production process, fabrics and finishing;
One of the most valuable and recognized lingeries brands  in the world. A reference in comfort, durability and  pricing.

Structure Manufacturing
Plant located in Maranguape – Ceara, Brazil;
Production Capacity  - A million pieces per month;
More than 1,200 employees;
Latest generation machines.

Selective garbage collection, cardboard and plastic are recycled; Liquid and solid treatment system;
Leftover flaps are reused as crafts (quilts and rugs);
Leftover cups and flaps are used for production of prostheses for women who have had breast cancer.

Brand Repositioning
Celebrities to add value to the brand;
 Daniela Cicarelli, Ellen Jabour, Juliana Paes, started to hire world supermodels; Gisele Bündchen,Cintia Dicker, Emanuela, Paula e Flávia Oliveira and now Barbara Di Creddo.

Intensified in the main means of global communication.

A Complete
Bodywear Line
HOPE  introduced  the Bodywear  concept, offering from lingerie to Swinwear, accessories,  cosmetics, pajamas and stocking;Franchising exclusive pieces,  ahead of others sales channels of trade.

Basic lingerie, added with  fabric innovation  technologies and special finishing;
Pieces made exclusively of  Natural fibers  fabrics;
Lingeries  to seduce;
Functional lingeries (figure shaping pieces);
Exclusive line of pajamas and sweatshirts;
Swinwear line  (2 collections per year);
Accessories, pajamas and stockings;

Cosmetics exclusive line.
A Successful Business
  The first Hope Franchise was open in 2005, in the Center Norte Mall,  São Paulo – Brazil.
  Now we have 150 franchised shops,;
  The architectural project of each HOPE store is developed by the world wide famous brazilian architect, Arthur de Matos Casas;
  HOPE is the first  brazilian brand  of lingerie to have a franchise outside Brazil  – in Portugal, Israel and Argentina.
  HOPE holds a strong presence in the international market, including  in its customer portfolio,  brands such as Victoria Secrets.